As a follow up to my previous post about my plugin Stream to XBMC, here are some frequently asked questions about how to setup the plugin. Just two for now, more to follow.

How do I setup the plugin to work with my XBMC setup?

After installing the plugin, it should automatically bring up the options page to configure the plugin. Here you setup the IP address and an optional port number to send videos to your XBMC setup. To access the options page after the first install, go to: chrome://extensions

Customize and control Google Chrome More Tools -> Extensions -> Options (for Stream to XBMC).

Stream to XBMC options page

I pushed a video to my XBMC setup, how do I play/pause the video?

I configure my remote control to work with my XBMC setup. You could also use one of the iOS or Android remotes to control XBMC. This link gives more information.